In my career in IT, I've gained some experience in Learning Technologies. I have been a technical trainer, teaching classes in the Adobe suite and Microsoft Office, as well as some proprietary systems. My job involved researching individual or department needs, developing courses that meet those needs, delivering them in a classroom or online environment, and distributing evaluations. For one of my positions, when students had problems getting into or using their Canvas courses, I helped them get access and get oriented in their courses. I also designed many certificates of completion.

I was born and raised in Missouri. I've only lived in a few other states. This may seem like I'd have a limited perspective. But I've lived in college towns and met people from all sorts of backgrounds. I've traveled to other countries and gained insight into people from all over.

I have a bachelor of general studies from the University of Missouri. General Studies gave me ways to combine theory and practical experience. I am currently enrolled in the learning technologies masters program at the University of Missouri.

My focus in this class is formalizing my knowledge of learning technologies, so I can continue my career as a trainer and help more people be amazing at what they do. In my work, Training is what I've enjoyed the most- helping others learn how to use tools that make their jobs easier has been my guiding principle.

Throughout the changes in my career, one constant thread has been the desire to make people's work easier, whether it be via one-on-one or group technical training, app development, course design or making web content easier to access and more tailored for individual needs.