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Trainer, e-learning designer and administrator, web and media developer

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Support media for HTML-CSS course

High school and even college students are frequently not exposed to modern technologies that are commonly used in their professions. This tutorial is designed to help you learn basic website development. Students will be introduced to the structure of webpages, using HTML to lay the foundation, and using CSS to add style and advanced functionality.

Learning objective: Upon viewing these materials, you will be able to create a basic HTML5 webpage and CSS file, learn how to select a webhost, and use an FTP program to maintain a webpage on the Internet.

Use HTML and CSS to build a website "house"

Think of HTML as defining the structure of your webpages, similar to the foundation, framing and rafters of a house. Just as rafters help define what will be the roof, the head of an HTML page sets up definitions that apply to the whole house. The framing which will make up the whole living space of the house, is the equivalent of an HTML body.

Responsive house

Using HTML and CSS together

View this video about how HTML and CSS work together, and a little info about how to get pages on the web.

Downloading a text editor and first steps to coding

A syntax highlighting text editor will make the job of composing HTML pages easier. HTML affects your content by nesting it within HTML codes, or "tags." Syntax-highlighting editors show the HTML tags in contrasting colors, making it easier to find and edit them.

Listen to this audio file about choosing text editors.

Watch the video and meet a student named Olivia, who is downloading a text editor, and adding her first lines of HTML.

HTML and CSS Reference

Download this printable brochure reference guide to CSS and HTML and how to use them together.

Online training course for orienting new web development staff in Canvas

Extension Canvas

Created onboarding course track to learn basics of job position, with quizzes; each core component has mini-tracks with external step-by-step documentation

Video shooting/production training

Video Production

Designed a presentation to be delivered to groups at conferences teaching the fundamentals of video recording and production on iDevices.

Note taking app in PHP/MySQL

Note taking app

App for entering tasks and prioritizing them

Simple in concept, the app allows the user to enter a task. This adds the task to a list sorted by “check ins.” The main page displays these checked-in tasks. When the user is engaged in research or fulfilling a task related to the main task, the task is “checked in.” This adds to the tally of check ins, and brings it closer to the top of the list. Thus, important tasks rise to the top, trivial tasks sink down. Tasks can at any time be marked complete to remove them from the list.